Sustainable Swimwear for a Greener Future

Sustainability and eco-conscious processes are at the heart of Oria Swim. Every swimsuit designed and produced by Oria Swim is done so with the goal to minimise waste, use recycled materials, be ethically produced and support a greener, slower fashion future.



Our Prints

All our beautiful ORIA SWIM printed pieces are made from a soft recycled lycra (Polymide /Elastane). We use 100% regenerated nylon made from plastic waste, such as fishing nets, that would otherwise pollute out earth and ocean.

We work closely with our fabric suppliers to guarantee chemicals and processes used during printing are sustainable and conscious action is taken to reduce waste.

Our Plains

Our ORIA SWIM signatures are made in a luxurious crepe like textured fabric made from ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon. ECONYL® Regenerated nylon is made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring & industrial plastic.

Design & Manufacturing

All Oria Swim pieces are designed and manufactured 100% in Italy. I custom design our beautiful prints and patterns. I also sample and fit every style before individually cutting and sewing each swimwear piece in our studio.

Producing small quantities allows us to control and minimise waste and any excess fabric is always used for sampling and designing new collections and styles. We promise all materials used in your swimsuit are of the highest quality and our manufacturing methods allow us to produce ethically and sustainably.



Our sustianable methods and eco-conscious thinking doesn't end at our products. All packaging is recyclable or compostable and made from recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Our mailers are 100% compostable and made from a combination of bio based polymers and plant material such as corn and wheat starch. The mailer will degrade in 6months in your home compost and leave no harmful residues behind.


Helping Our Oceans

When you buy an Oria Swim piece you are supporting our mission for a greener future. By choosing a swimsuit made from recycled nylon instead of one made from new fabric, you are helping to clean our oceans, reduce landfill and re-cycle nylon. The fibers in recycled fabrics are regenerated to the same quality as new and are produced without the use of non renewable petroleum oil.

Help us protect our oceans and planet and choose Oria Swim for your next swimsuit.